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I totally Agree

This is by far one of the best graphics i have ever seen,heres my rating

Graphics - Perfect! totally worth a 4 years wait.

Storyline - Realist,these are possible things that could happen anytime

Character - She looks great and realist,i havent seen the other episodes yet,but its making me wonder how she managed to survive. Her voice is kinda i dunno,weird. But before that it looks great,and she's well drawn =]

Overall i can't wait to see the rest! im going to see them NOW! ;)

I like it

Thats quite good for a start :O i like it :D

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At everyone who complains...

About the payment system....Like it or not he put it there....Don't like it? Make your own game and don't put one.

@judgementz, Make a game better than him,with better graphics, submit it... And then we will take your bullshit about low graphics and doesn't even deserve money.

And now, for my rating... Your game is very good,i like it,played it multiple times... It really has everything a survival needs... Addding bosses or a second level with more areas to unlock would be cool in future updates. But none of the less, i like it...

Not bad,can be better

First of all i noticed...

Theres no delay between when you shoot and no reload,so just click click click and you shoot....i dunno if you left it like that on purpose but i was pointing it out..

You could add upgrades too, that would be cool...i only played 5 mins tho

That has some future

Its kind of original...i don't recall having seen any game that matches that gameplay and the upgrade stuff!

I like the fact that you can regenerate and the fact you can enter shop whenever you please :) I fully support you on this project.

( P.S : You might want to give a storyline to your game,and the "monsters" a meaning or a more precise form :) but thats just a tip. )

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For christmas i want....

An evil-dog to play it live in my living room :P Nice song man,your great as usual! nice work too imperfectDisciple =) Keep on going you both!

Evil-Dog responds:

Oh no, you've been naughty


Your music is just so great,Are you recording these guitar pieces from a microphone then mixing them or is it a program? cause the quality is so good im wondering how you do lol.

But still,great music,great artist,I say you will go far in life!


This is simply amazing....i admire your talent.

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That's incredible. Keep on doing stuff like that, 10 stars :D

Chronamut responds:

I have been - go check out my others ;)

thanks for the review!



This collection makes me sh*t my pants everytime i stare at it, i wish i could draw that good....

wow thats nice

I like your designs...wish i could get ur inspiration :P take a look at mines...i use Flash tho xD

Splurda responds:

oh you dont want my inspiration. me nad my gf broke up and im drawing and playing guitar to keep my mind off it... but yeah thankyou :P

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